98% of Ukrainians believe Ukraine will win the war – IRI poll | Euromaiden Press

by UKCHP_Admin

The latest public opinion survey in Ukraine conducted by the International Republican Institute shows that confidence in winning the war against Russia and approval for President Zelensky remain very strong. Most Ukrainians do not believe in conceding any territory and support for NATO membership has spiked.

98% of Ukrainians believed Ukraine will definitely or likely win the war against Russia, up from 97% in April, while roughly 1% did not think Ukraine would win and 1% didn’t answer. East Ukraine is the least optimistic, but even there, 94% think Ukraine will win.

Another finding was that all the concessions Russia demands are rejected by Ukrainians. The number of those who find rejecting NATO membership acceptable is down to 29%, from 37% in April. 40% oppose all listed concessions, such as designating Russian as a state language and conceding occupied Crimea or Russia’s proxy states in occupied Donbas.

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