Denys Shmyhal: A series of measures for sustainable electricity consumption will allow for effective application of power cuts if necessary | Government Portal

by UKCHP_Admin

The responsible departments have developed a detailed complex of economical electricity consumption by the population, enterprises, institutions and organizations in the conditions of martial law, in particular during the period of maximum load during peak hours. This was announced by Prime Minister Denys Shmyhal during the Government meeting on October 18. He added that this set of measures will allow pragmatic and effective application of restrictions if necessary.

“During this week, we have proved that we can promptly restore and return to work most of the power grids. The occupiers will not be able to make Ukraine a dark place on the world map. For this purpose, energy workers, rescuers, local authorities, and the Government are working in intensified regime. Everyone doing his/her job. Everyone knows what to do. We will restore everything,” said the Prime Minister.

Denys Shmyhal emphasized that energy workers were, without exaggeration, working 24 hours a day to overcome the consequences of russian terror, and called to thank them by limiting electricity consumption.

“Yesterday, during the evening peak, the level of electricity consumption in Kyiv decreased by 10% compared to the previous day, in the entire central region – by 8%. However, in general, the level of consumption in Ukraine during the evening peak yesterday increased by 1.8%. The growth occurred at the expense of the western and northern regions of Ukraine,” the Head of the Government noted.

The Prime Minister emphasized that the maximum saving of electricity is currently of paramount importance because every kilowatt of energy that Ukrainians do not waste will provide additional stability to our energy system.



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