Germany to provide Ukraine with Vulcano guided artillery shells | The New Voice of Ukraine

German security assistance to Ukraine now includes 255 Vulcano high-precision guided artillery rounds, the German government said in a message on its website on Aug. 17.

by UKCHP_Admin

The recent update to the list of German military aid includes:

  • 20 rocket launchers 70mm on pick-up trucks with 2,000 rockets and laser target
  • designators;
  • 1,592 projectiles 155mm;
  • 255 Vulcano projectiles 155mm;
  • 60.200 rounds ammunition 40mm;
  • 40 frequency range extensions for anti-drone devices;
  • 12 armored recovery vehicles and 30 MG3 machine guns for them.

According to the manufacturer, Vulcano artillery shells can strike targets as far as 50 or 70 kilometers away, deepening on modification, with 5-meter accuracy. Final target approach can be done at a 90-degree angle, reducing interception risk.

Furthermore, Berlin has provided three additional Gepard mobile anti-air defense systems (15 total), 11 Danish M113 armored personnel carriers (44 totals), and 1,000 MREs (403,000 total).

The German government’s message comes after reports emerged that Germany made no weapons deliveries to Ukraine in July, and that no new pledges of military aid had been made by Berlin.

A report in Germany’s Die Welt newspaper on Aug. 19 reads that Ukrainian diplomats have been pleading for weeks for fresh deliveries of weapons from Europe’s economic powerhouse, but these requests had “fallen on deaf ears.”



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