In the first half of September 3.9 million tons of agricultural products left Ukrainian territory | Ministry of Agrarian Policy and Food of Ukraine

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Owing to the grain corridor initiative, the volumes of Ukrainian agricultural products that actually cross the border of Ukraine are increasing: in the first 18 days of September, almost twice as many grains, pulses, oilseeds and by products left the country than in the first 15 days of August: 3.9 million tons. In particular, by operation of the grain corridor, 1.7 million tons of agricultural products were exported in August, and 2.2 million tons from September 1 to 19.

In general, during the war, 16.4 million tons of agricultural products were shipped to buyer countries.

In September, corn remains the leader in terms of supplies – 1.3 million tons, which is 478 thousand tons more than in the first 15 days of August. In general, the amount of corn that left Ukraine during the war is almost 7 million tons.

Also, 600,000 tons more wheat was shipped during the same period compared to last month – more than 1 million tons. In total, 2.5 million tons of wheat were shipped in 6.5 months.

A similar situation is observed with the volumes of sunflower oil, rapeseed and soybeans. In 18 days of September, twice as many went as in first half of August. Sunflower oil – 365,000 tons, rapeseed – 577,000 tons, soybeans – 125,000 tons.

The supply of barley increased more than 1.5 times – from 74 thousand tons to 189 thousand tons. Sunflower seeds are ahead of the August data by 13%; in September, 108,000 tons of sunflower seeds were shipped.

A slight difference is observed in shipments of soybean oil, which left the country for the same period by only 2.5 thousand tons more than in August – 16.5 thousand tons.

The September of meal volumes delivery increased by 102,000 tons, 271,000 tons were sent to buyer countries.

The general picture of the amount of agricultural products that actually crossed the border of Ukraine in percentages for the first half of September is as follows: 32% took with corn, 25.81% with wheat, 9.31% with sunflower oil, 2.76% with sunflower seeds, 14.74 % – rapeseed, 6.92% – meal, barley – 4.82%, soybeans – 3.19%, soybean oil – 0.42%.

The export of agricultural products in terms of their transportation in the September 1-18 is as follows: 2.9 million tons were sent through river and sea ports, 622 thousand tons by rail, 379 thousand tons by trucks, and 18.2 thousand tons by ferry.

Information on the volume of shipments by individual types of goods and modes of transport in accordance with EAIS “Delivery Control”.

The data of the dashboard in terms of shipment of agricultural crops by its types and shipment logistics are updated twice a month. Information is published on the department’s website.



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