“It’s a psychological blow, saying ‘We’re coming for this territory.’”—A Russian air fleet destroyed | The Economist

Also on the daily podcast: state-owned oil firms and the pleasures of barbecue

by UKCHP_Admin

THE AIRBASE IN CRIMEA lies in ruins. Ukraine hasn’t claimed credit, many suspect they carried out the daring attack more than 100 miles behind enemy lines. Our defence editor explains why the war has entered a new phase. Why state-owned firms, not oil supermajors, are the biggest impediment to a green-energy transition. And pondering the pleasures of barbecue. Runtime: 26 min

[Listen: https://www.economist.com/podcasts/2022/08/12/its-a-psychological-blow-saying-were-coming-for-this-territory-a-russian-air-fleet-destroyed]


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