Kissinger: After everything Russia has done, Ukraine should be treated like a member of NATO |

by UKCHP_Admin

Former US Secretary of State Henry Kissinger said Ukraine should be treated like a NATO member after a full-scale Russian invasion. He announced this in an interview with The Wall Street Journal.

According to him, “the die is cast, and after Russia’s behavior in Ukraine,” Ukraine should be treated in one way or another as a member of NATO. 

At the same time, Kissinger stated that he foresaw a “settlement” that would supposedly keep the territories occupied in 2014 for Russia, although he did not have an answer to the question of how such a settlement would differ from the “failed agreement to stabilize the conflict 8 years ago.”

Earlier, the ex-secretary of state said that he was in favor of the role of Ukraine as a buffer zone between Russia and the West, as this supposedly “would better serve stability.”

“I was for the complete independence of Ukraine, but I thought that something like Finland would play its best role,” the politician said, probably referring to the so-called “Finlandization”, when the policy of one country is subordinate to the policy of a larger neighboring country while nominally maintaining sovereignty.

  • At the forum in Davos,  Kissinger called on the West to force Ukraine to agree  to peace talks with the Russian Federation on lines until February 24 – without the Crimea and ORDLO occupied since 2014.
  • President Volodymyr  Zelensky criticized Kissinger  and recalled that in 1938 the West had already allowed Nazi leader Adolf Hitler to occupy the Sudetenland.
  • In July, he said that Western countries could not accept the condition of giving up Ukrainian territories in negotiations with Russia.



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