Lithuania to launch five training courses for Ukrainian military | Lrt.It

by UKCHP_Admin

Lithuania is launching five training courses for Ukrainian military personnel, Defence Minister Arvydas Anušauskas said on Tuesday.

“We are starting five training courses for Ukrainians in August,” he told LRT RADIO.

The courses will be designed for specialists, rather than recruits, to better improve the skills of the Ukrainian military in using Western weapons, Anušauskas said.

Meanwhile, Lithuania is also sending its instructors to the United Kingdom to assist in the training of the Ukrainian Armed Forces.

Recently, Lithuania’s Defence Ministry said it had trained about 150 Ukrainian specialists and has sent additional military supplies to the country.

“We are ahead of other countries with such consistent deliveries. These shipments took place not once in three or six months, but consistently, almost every month,” Anušauskas said.

The minister also said the amount of Lithuania’s support to Ukraine could total around “130 million euros”.

Among its deliveries, Lithuania has sent military vehicles, anti-tank and anti-air weapons, armoured personnel carriers, and other equipment.

Vilnius is now looking at options for NATO to backfill its stocks, meaning more weapons could be delivered to Kyiv.


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