Poland, Germany And France Support Creation Of EU Mission To Train Ukrainian Military | Ukrainian News

by UKCHP_Admin

The foreign ministers of Poland, France and Germany have issued a joint statement in which they supported the idea of ​ ​ creating a mission by the European Union to train military personnel of the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

This is evidenced by a message published on the website of the German Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Poland, France and Germany believe that Russia’s illegal and unprovoked military aggression against Ukraine has dealt the most brutal blow to the world and security in Europe.

They compare the military invasion of Ukraine with an attack on the European model based on freedom, democracy and rules.

Poland, France and Germany call for continued assistance to Ukraine in the form of providing shelter for refugees, the introduction of restrictive measures against Russia and the provision of military assistance.

“We recognize that assistance in supporting Ukrainian forces in the long term involves going beyond the provision of equipment, in particular, by creating a special European mission in the EU to train and help Ukrainian forces, which will also provide maintenance and repair of military equipment,” the statement said.

As Ukrainian News Agency earlier reported, at the end of August, Western media reported that the European Union intends to organize its mission to train the Ukrainian military, as the UK already does with its allies.

Last Wednesday, September 14, we reported that the UK has completed the training of 5,000 servicemen of the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

On the same day, we wrote that Denmark decided to join the training of the Ukrainian military in the UK.

Instructors from Canada, Sweden, Finland, Norway, Estonia and other countries provide assistance to the British military in training the AFU personnel.

[Source: https://ukranews.com/en/news/882575-poland-germany-and-france-support-creation-of-eu-mission-to-train-ukrainian-military]


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