Russian Setbacks Are Hampering Army Recruitment, Says Pentagon Official | The New York Times

by UKCHP_Admin

Follow live updates on the Russia-Ukraine war.

Here’s what we know:

A Ukrainian official said that of 146 bodies exhumed so far in a northeastern city, most were civilians and some had been tortured.

  • Russia is struggling to attract new recruits for its army, a U.S. official says.

  • Most of the 146 bodies exhumed in Izium so far were civilians, a Ukrainian official said.

  • A Russian missile hits less than 900 feet from nuclear reactors.

  • The strike increases concerns about nuclear safety in Ukraine.

  • After Putin acknowledges Xi’s ‘concerns,’ Russia and China pledge closer cooperation.

  • World leaders gather in New York under the shadow of the Ukraine war.

  • McDonald’s begins to reopen restaurants in Ukraine this week.



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