Timely aid from partners makes it possible to avoid many victims and destruction – Olena Zelenska in an interview with Bild | Presidential Office

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The task of the Ukrainian state is to help Ukrainians endure the winter as best as possible. This was stated by First Lady of Ukraine Olena Zelenska in an interview with the German newspaper Bild.

In particular, she talked about the Russian strikes this and last Monday (October 17 and October 10).

“Russian terrorist attacks are too close to every Ukrainian, no matter where you are at this moment. We grieved for the death of a young pregnant woman caused by a Russian drone in the capital together with a colleague from my team – she knew Victoria personally. For my part, I am well acquainted with the doctors from “Okhmatdyt” who suffered a heavy loss last week – the Russian attack took the life of a young pediatric doctor, hematologist Oksana Leontieva,” said the First Lady. 

At the same time, she emphasized that every strike only unites Ukrainians more.

“We are working and we have plans, because to postpone life, to freeze means to give in to terror,” the President’s wife is convinced.

Olena Zelenska also talked about the work of her recently established foundation, which was presented in New York in September.

“Now our task is to help survive the winter to those who remain in the Kherson region, Kharkiv region and other vulnerable territories. Everything is needed: from generators to medications. Other tasks, in addition to humanitarian aid, are the reconstruction and material and technical equipment of schools so that children can study in comfortable and safe conditions, the restoration and material and technical equipment of hospitals so that people can receive medical aid in a timely manner,” the First Lady said.

The wife of the President of Ukraine thanked Germany for the new batch of aid and noted that if it had arrived earlier, many victims and destruction could have been avoided.

[Source: https://www.president.gov.ua/en/news/vchasna-dopomoga-vid-partneriv-daye-zmogu-uniknuti-bagatoh-z-78585]


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