Ukraine recaptures nearly 400 square miles of territory; rebuilding Ukraine would cost estimated $349 billion | CNBC

by UKCHP_Admin

Ukraine’s counteroffensives in the country’s south and northeast are gaining momentum, President Zelenskyy said, retaking territory and pressuring Russian troops. Ukrainian forces have recaptured 1,000 square kilometers (386 square miles) of land, he said in his nightly address.

Over the summer, Ukraine had said it would launch a counteroffensive to retake the southern city of Kherson, but had not mentioned any plans to counterattack in the northeastern Kharkiv region or elsewhere in the east. Analysts say Kyiv could now be taking advantage of Russia’s decision to redeploy troops to southern Ukraine.

Russia’s top lawmaker slammed the Group of Seven’s plan for a price cap on Russian oil exports, saying it will only push prices higher and would turn their “price ceiling” into a “floor.”

The organization overseeing the export of agricultural products from Ukraine said it has approved six vessels to leave the besieged country.

The Joint Coordination Center, an initiative of Ukraine, Russia, the United Nations and Turkey, said that the vessels are carrying a total of 96,181 metric tons of grain and other food products.

The ships are expected to depart Saturday and are destined for Spain, Italy, Greece, Libya and Turkey.



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