Ukraine War Updates: Troops Capture Russian Weapons in Kharkiv Oblast | Newsweek

by UKCHP_Admin

Ukrainian soldiers added Russian weapons and other military equipment to their own stockpiles following recent counteroffensive attacks in the Kharkiv Oblast region that pushed out Russian troops.

Ukraine’s military efforts this month have resulted in thousands of square kilometers of liberated territory, President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky said Monday.

In parts of the Kharkiv Oblast region, Ukraine’s military actions were swift enough to prompt a speedy withdrawal by Russian troops, according to The Kyiv Independent, which reported that many of the departing troops left military equipment including vehicles, grenades, portable rockets and more behind.

The media outlet pointed to a Facebook post by Vladyslav Abdula, a spokesperson for Kharkiv’s Department of the Security Service of Ukraine. The post included photos of some of the “arsenals of ammunition” that Russian troops left behind, Abdula said.

“We know what to do with them and will be sure to use them for the purpose – against the enemy,” Abdula said.



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