Zelensky urges French companies to join post-war reconstruction of Ukraine | Interfax

by UKCHP_Admin

President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky, addressing representatives of the Movement of Enterprises of France (MEDEF) via video link on Monday, called on French companies to join the post-war reconstruction of Ukraine.

“It is important to restore Ukraine after the war. Peace for Ukraine, security guarantees, restoration of everything that the Russian occupiers destroyed – will be clear proof that European ideas are stronger than any dictatorships, and the values of freedom, equality, mutual assistance will overcome any terror. Ukraine can give you thousands of contracts, thousands of jobs. We need your experience, your participation in the recovery after the hostilities,” Zelensky said.

In particular, the Head of state invited construction, automobile, food companies of France, as well as energy companies and companies that can help Ukraine with the modernization of municipal infrastructure to cooperate in the territories of Ukraine occupied by Russian troops.

Zelensky also assured those present that the Armed Forces of Ukraine are de-occupying their entire territory.

In addition, he invited MEDEF participants to join the Forum on the Restoration of Ukraine, which will be held in Paris this fall.

The President also thanked a number of French companies, regions and cities of France for the support already provided in the restoration of the destroyed Ukrainian infrastructure.

[Source: https://en.interfax.com.ua/news/economic/855252.html]


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