Zelenskyy: Russia has destroyed 30 percent of Ukraine’s power stations | Politico

President says recent wave of Russian air strikes has caused ‘massive blackouts’ across the country.

by UKCHP_Admin

Kyiv Mayor Vitaly Klitschko said that a critical infrastructure facility located in the Desnyansky district had been hit, while eyewitnesses also reported explosions and smoke at Kyiv’s CHP-6 Power Plant Ukraine.

Earlier, Kirill Timoshenko, deputy chief of the Ukrainian presidential office, reported “serious damage” at another energy facility in Dnipro, which he said has been hit twice. He later warned residents that shelling might leave some parts of the city without water and electricity, adding that emergency personnel are working to restore services.

The damage comes amid a fresh wave of air strikes across Ukraine, targeting energy infrastructure. Outages of electricity were reported in Zhytomyr, Kyiv and Dnipro, where electricity facilities were hit.

A U.K. defense ministry update on Tuesday morning said: “It is highly likely that a key objective of this strike campaign is to cause widespread damage to Ukraine’s energy distribution network.”

The wave of Russian air strikes hammering Ukrainian critical infrastructure — as well as the civilian population — came in response to Ukraine’s attack on the Kerch bridge earlier this month linking Russian-occupied Crimea with Russia.

[Source: https://www.politico.eu/article/russia-strike-several-energy-power-station-ukraine-cause-outage-zelenskyy]


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